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Morning Routines to Jumpstart Your Day

Taking a fresh look at your daily routine and adding a few healthy habits can jumpstart your morning and help you to experience more productivity, peace, and inspiration. Use these 5 energizing tips that you can easily incorporate into your morning routine to start your day off right.

Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

It will surprise you how adding a few extra minutes to your morning routine can give you the space you need to accomplish more! Now that summer’s here, it’s the perfect time to get up just a bit earlier, go for a walk, enjoy that cup of coffee, or sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature! Giving yourself a bit more time in the morning can decrease stress and help you feel more prepared to take on the day.

Make Your Bed

When you make your bed first thing in the morning, you’re setting yourself up for success! Knowing that the day has just begun and you’ve already accomplished something is highly motivating and bolsters your productivity. Even if the rest of your day doesn’t go as planned, you can end your day in a crisp, made, bed.

Don’t Pick Up Your Phone

Although your first instinct might be to reach for your phone, research has shown that decreasing your screen time early in the day can actually help to decrease stress and anxiety, focus your mind, and prime your brain for a less-distracted day.

Practice Mindfulness

Taking a few minutes to practice mindfulness in your morning routine will help you to stay present throughout the day, decrease stress or anxiety, and be more productive. Some people try meditation, prayer, journaling, or spending time in nature, but there are many ways to practice mindfulness, so take some time to find the one that works best for you!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Fueling your body with proper nutrients will stop you from feeling sluggish and tired mid-morning. Make sure you choose a healthy, well-balanced meal to get yourself ready to take on the day!