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Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day, often traditionally recognized as a 3-day holiday, is so much more than just that. Memorial Day is a day to recognize the fallen military personnel and veterans that have fought for our country. Memorial Day became a national holiday in 1971, making this year the 50th consecutive Memorial Day celebration in the United States.  

How do you plan to honor the fallen men and women that dedicated their lives to serving our country on this long weekend? A few of our favorite Memorial Day activities are listed below:  

  • Write letters to our veterans. Write a letter of support to express your gratitude. A letter may be a small token of appreciation, but it goes a long way!  
  • Have an outdoor barbeque. Take advantage of the warm weather and 3-day weekend with an outdoor cookout. Prepare your favorite meal and get together with your family and friends! 
  • Put together a care package for our soldiers. Collect a few snacks or other small tokens of appreciation into a package to send to those fighting for our country. If you’re interested in putting together a care package, a link with more information is here. 

We hope that you’re able to pay your respects to our veterans and have a safe and fun holiday weekend. Hopefully a few of these ideas are helpful in kick-starting your 3-day weekend!