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Happy Father’s Day!

This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, the 21st of this month. Father’s Day is a day to honor your fathers or paternal figures in your life. Although this special day is celebrated in different countries all over the world and on various different days, in the United States, it was first founded in 1910 on the third Sunday of June. Since then, the tradition has been maintained for over 100 years!  

On Father’s Day, show the deserving paternal figures in your life just how much you love and appreciate them! What does dad prefer to do to relax on a day off of work? There are so many ways to celebrate and show appreciation for that special person on their day, and a few of our favorites are listed below! 

  • Have a backyard picnic! Put together a picnic basket filled with your dad’s favorite foods and snacks and go out in the backyard and have lunch! You can spread out your favorite blanket on the lawn and spend some quality time together.  
  • Have a family game night! Choose various games that your dad likes to play and have a game night with your family. You can even make your dad’s favorite snacks or desserts to enjoy while you are playing! 
  • Get outside! You could play mini golf, go fishing, play catch, ride a bike, or even build something with dad! Choose one of your dad’s favorite outdoor activities and make a special day out of it! 

How do you plan to celebrate your father on Father’s Day this year? We hope a few of our ideas are helpful in planning a day just for him.