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Happy Earth Day!

This year, Earth Day falls on Thursday, April 22nd. Earth Day is celebrated internationally in support of environmental awareness. This year, we will be celebrating the 51st consecutive Earth Day across the globe. If you’re looking for a few ways to celebrate, you’ve come to the right place!  

One way you can support environmental awareness this Earth Day is by planting your own tree or other plant of your choosing! Trees are extremely beneficial for the environment and help provide us with clean air and more oxygen to breathe.  

Another way to contribute is to use a reusable water bottle and to recycle! Using a reusable water bottle reduces your plastic usage, which is harmful for the environment. Every day, more than 60 million water bottles are accumulated at landfills or incinerators across the United States. Do your part to help reduce the amount contributed! 

We only have one Earth, so it is so important to take care of it in every way we can. Getting together with family and friends this Earth Day can be an effective and fun way to spread environmental awareness, even in the smallest of ways!