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About Us

A Health Care Sharing Ministry With You In Mind.

Sharing With Our Community for Nearly 30 Years

Covenant HealthShare was formed for one purpose: to live out the vision of doing good by and through people. Health Care Sharing Ministries are about doing the right thing: Providing security and comfort, giving to, and helping build the community.

Covenant’s history is rich in American culture and traces its roots back to Memphis, Tennessee. As one of the first mega churches in Atlanta, Covenant’s predecessor has created community and has a vast history of sharing in members’ medical needs since the early 1990s. Our predecessor has been a cornerstone of our community and has earned a historic title since operations began over 80 years ago.

Modern times have allowed us the opportunity to broaden our community and extend our health care sharing plans, also known as medical cost sharing programs, to a wider community of nationwide believers. Our mission is simple: To glorify God through the facilitation of sharing members’ medical needs, provide support and prayer in members’ time of burden, preach and empower the Word of God, and encourage a healthy lifestyle for Christ.

How Covenant HealthShare Works

What is Covenant HealthShare?

Covenant HealthShare is a 501(c)(3) non-profit health care sharing ministry that aims to provide an affordable, faith-driven health care alternative. Our ministry traces its sharing of medical needs back to 1990 and hopes to continue sharing the word of God and the medical needs of the membership for many generations to come.

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    What Members Are Saying

    “I am so grateful to the Ministry for helping me pay for my medicine, as I recovered from an automobile accident a couple of years ago. I willfully gave to the benevolence fund for many years prior to the accident and it is good to know the Ministry is still building on its tradition of kindness.”

    - Ministry Member for over 30 Years

    “I was devastated to learn that I had cancer in 2013. Not only was I afraid of the disease and the affects treatment would have on my body, I was also fearful of the financial hardships that often follow this kind of serious diagnosis. I was so relieved when the Ministry stepped in to assist me with several costs associated with my treatment and recovery. The battle is not over yet, but I am so grateful the Ministry remains in my corner.”

    - Ministry Member for over 15 years

    “My husband and I have been members of the Ministry for nearly forty years and we have always been proud to be “cheerful” givers. It brought us great joy to receive the much needed help the Ministry provided, as my husband battled a major illness over ten years ago.”

    - Ministry Member for over 40 years

    Member Aid System (MAS)

    This IT platform facilitates member-to-member sharing, allowing members to control their healthcare cost through a secure online member portal. Members can also manage their MMGs, fellowship with other members, ask questions about the program and their membership level, and donate additional gifts toward fellow members’ needs or other charitable causes.

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