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9 Healthy Halloween Recipes To Help You Eat Right on Fright Night 

Unfortunately, calories still count on Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some spooktacular snacks to celebrate the festivities! 

Here are some great ideas for some spooky-yet-yummy snacks to ensure you don’t miss out on the Halloween fun! 

  1. This Spooky Monster Teeth recipe calls for just four healthy ingredients. Since it involves no baking or cooking, your kids can even help you make them! 
  1. Kickstart Halloween with these Avocado Toast Faces for breakfast and fuel your day with goodness. They’re versatile and you can use any ingredient from your pantry to decorate them. 
  1. It doesn’t get simpler than these edible Jack-O-Lanterns made from apricots, chocolate icing and some mint. They’re quick to whip up and a healthy alternative to some more processed treats. 
  1. These Spooky Spiders are quite easy to assemble and are perfect for the season!  
  1. Cheese and pretzels is all it takes to make these adorable-looking Cheesy Witch Brooms
  1. While hotdogs might not be the healthiest of meats, they’re certainly okay once in a while. Check out this Hotdog Mummies recipe for some cute little edible mummies. 
  1. These eerie-looking Deviled ‘Spider’ Eggs are packed with a lot of flavor and nutrients.  
  1. What if you could make your own healthy version of candy corn? Try this Fruit Cup Candy Corn recipe that’s just as festive and colorful but without all that added sugar! 
  1. These spooktacular Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Peppers are uber-healthy and look like the real deal, too! You can get creative and switch out the stuffing for some one-pot spinach rice to make it the main course at your Halloween dinner party. 

Try these recipes out and have a Happy Halloween. Bone Appetit!